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Indian Marbles

Indian Marbles

Mahadev Rock Products has such a vast selection of unique natural stones that it may be overwhelming to select just one. Choosing your stone is only the first part of your selection process, because you must also decide which stone finish is best suited for your project. Each finish gives the stone a one-of-a-kind quality with unique character and flavor. It is important to know the differences between them. Take a look below to learn more about just some of the stone finishes we offer.,

Product Size Specifications

Granite Slabs (in cm)

300mm x 300mm

up to 900mm x 900mm in 1cm


3cm thickness

Granite Tiles (in cm)

240cm x 120cm

upto 310cm x 185cm in 2cm

3cm thickness

Granite Blocks (in cm)

2M x 1M x 1M upto

3M x 1.5M x 1.2M


Mirror Polished

Honed Finish

Modular Tiles - Chamfered / Beveled Calibrated

Back Grooved