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Indian Granites

Welcome to Mahadev Rock Products – Your one stop destination for granite in India!

With their attractive colors and vast variety, Indian granites are famous all over the world. It has turned out to be the most sought-after and extensively used stone material for construction, interior designer and more. At Mahadev Rock Products, we are committed to adding value to the homes and structures of our clients. We ensure the highest quality stones at the most competitive rates. We are proud to say that we offer one of the widest varieties of granite stones in India. Whether you are looking for South Indian granites or North Indian granites in Hyderabad / Bangalore, you have come to the right place. We will be happy to serve you.

Why chose Granite?

There are endless reasons why granite makes the best choice of stone in various applications. Granite is a 100% naturally occurring stone with subtle hues and small imperfections that make it unique. The top benefits of granite include –

  • Unique and natural
  • Long term durability
  • Resistance to abrasions
  • Heat resistant
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Resistance to scratches
  • Versatile
  • Overall low cost considering durability and strength
  • Wide range of colors and patterns
  • Cool to touch

Granites by Mahadev Rock Products

Our range of granites can further be divided into –

  • North India granites
  • South India granites

Uniqueness is the key distinguisher for the granites offered by us. From waves and patterns to floral motifs and gorgeous solid colors, we have every kind of granite design you have ever seen or thought of. We also offer different kinds of finishes and polishes to help you choose the right stone for your home and office needs. Our products are available in tiles and slabs for kitchen countertops, wall cladding, flooring and table tops. We also offer granite in various finishes such as mirror-polish, honed, flamed, leather or satin.

We have a state of the art manufacturing unit for North Indian and South Indian granites in Hyderabad / Bangalore. We are among the best granite manufacturers in Hyderabad / Bangalore. At Mahadev Rock Products, we have tailored their services to keep up the trends in market. Over time, we have gained expertise in exporting high quality granite and marble.

Right from the procurement and raw material to manufacturing and finishing, we follow stringent quality standards. We know our products will be adorning residential and commercial spaces with subtlety and unparalleled quality and beauty. Though based as a granite manufacturer in Hyderabad, our sublime products are supplied and appreciated across the country and world.

Our aim of showcasing the beauty of India to the world is never ending. Customers trust us, our business, and our products and are extremely happy for the price we offer. We look forward to expanding our business and customers.

To know more about our granite products, get in touch with us.

Product Size Specifications

Granite Slabs (in cm)

300mm x 300mm

up to 900mm x 900mm in 1cm


3cm thickness

Granite Tiles (in cm)

240cm x 120cm

upto 310cm x 185cm in 2cm

3cm thickness

Granite Blocks (in cm)

2M x 1M x 1M upto

3M x 1.5M x 1.2M


Mirror Polished

Honed Finish

Modular Tiles - Chamfered / Beveled Calibrated

Back Grooved